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here are some signs that your personality might be intimidating to others.

1. you're snappy or reactive
do you snap at people easily when you
hear about something you don't like do you react
hastily being snappy can come across as
intimidating because people may feel
like you're unapproachable
or difficult to talk to even when you don't mean to be
having strong opinions and snapping at
others when things don't go your way
might make you seem intimidating next
time you find yourself about to snap
take your one step back and take a deep breath
before reacting.
you'll be surprised at how quickly you
relax and how much more approachable. it'll make you seem

2. you think with your head are you extremely practical? 
do you base most of your decisions on pure logic?
if so you might be more prone to thinking with your head though this quality in itself doesn't necessarily make you intimidating thinking less with your heart may make you less emotionally aware in certain situations and as a result you may come off as having an intimidating personality.

3. you're persistent do you set high goals for yourself ?
do you work extremely hard to achieve those goals?
if you do you're likely a very persistent person, which can be seen as intimidating persistence and perseverance aren't bad traits when you persist it shows that you have great confidence in your abilities and it might be intimidating for others to see that side of you but you just have big goals and won't let anyone stand against your way.

4. people seem to tiptoe around you, have you noticed that people tend to clam up around you and seem possibly afraid to speak their minds?
they might be tiptoeing around you and are being cautious and careful about what they say while in your presence. if you notice this happening to you, it may seem like people go quiet agree with everything you say and even apologize to you more frequently.

5. you tend to dominate conversations when you are talking with your friends, do you talk the most or the loudest?
this could be a sign that your personality seems intimidating dominating conversations can look like talking excessively or more loudly than everyone else and cutting people off mid-conversation when you dominate a conversation. 
it can make it harder for others to express themselves around you. this is a tendency that can happen subconsciously and it could even be a sign of anxiety so if you relate to this don't feel bad or like it's your fault. instead try and practice active listening in your conversations so you'll be more attentive and present than how you're acting before.

6. you speak in an aggressive tone when you talk with others, how do you normally come across are you aggressive and direct or are you more light and gentle?
no matter what you say your tone of voice can make a huge difference in how you're received. when you speak with an assertive aggressive or direct tone, this can come across as intimidating. this could take a toll on the way people perceive your ideas and opinions do you find yourself speaking with a tone that's more aggressive than you'd like?
if so than how do you/we/i plan to become more mindful of how things may be received before you say them?
it might take time but gradually you'll come across as more approachable with a more gentle tone.

7. you're critical of others when interacting with others do you tend to judge dissect or criticize what they say while you may come across as intelligent?
you'll likely also come across as intimidating to be around. according to psychiatrist grant hillary brenner insulting others during a conversation even in a joking manner can make you come across as judgmental and competitive.
competitiveness can be off-putting so if people feel that way in conversations with you they may be less likely to view you as approachable and 

8. you are straightforward are you unafraid to speak your mind speaking your mind outright and avoiding dancing around the truth is not a bad thing in fact it can improve communication in your day-to-day life.
speaking your mind is a good trait to have as long as you make sure what you say is tactful and constructive.
did you relate to any of the points in this artical?
or do any of these signs remind you of someone? 
do you have any signs of an intimidating personality that you'd like to add?

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